Monday, January 16, 2017

Added a bit more automation to the sheet.

Updated the show tracking sheet 

On "Last Show" tab I added some columns. 

Now all the shows are listed in F and the last seen episode from the feed is compared with the last saved in G. The greater of the 2 is placed in K and the matching date in L. Also you now force and feed update by changing the date in F1. Conditional formatting should turn the cells in columns K and L green in the rows where the G and K cells match (do not need updating). After updating the feed, copy the cells from K4 to L110 then paste the values into G4 to store the "last in feed" data.

On the "shows" tab I added some columns.

The parsing of the "Last watched" and "Last show" columns outputs into 3 columns now to handle those times when unexpected text gets parsed into the cell. The parser now works differently for the 2 formats

The "diff" column now uses a different method for calculating the number of unseen episodes available for the season-episode vs date formats. This should give better estimates.

The "Last show" column now looks at column F to look up feed data exclusively (instead of first checking the feed and only checking F if not found) and takes the value from K. This should deal with the problem of shows dropping off the feed at the end of seasons.

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